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Our search engine optimization team is headed up by Stephen E. Ogre.  Stephen spends most of his time tweaking website coding and adding fresh content to the site, both of which help to funnel those search engine spiders more easily.  While Stephen may eat these little spiders for breakfast, his appetite is never fully satisfied.  He has to keep his eye on the prize, with a special focus on the end results.  His ears are always listening to the hum of the constantly changing search engine algorithms.  Rarely seen during the day, Mr. Ogre can typically be found lurking somewhere, deep down in the backend of a website.

Stephen’s middle name might be a secret, but his SEO strategy is not:

The Stephen Difference
Although Stephen has best practices for Search Engine Optimization, this is only the foundation of any SEO strategy. Each program is examined and customized based on the needs and goals around your specific industry and business.

Stephen’s unique approach to SEO is most noticeable in his methodology used to create each individual strategy.  Whether a client’s end goal is driving traffic to their website, improving ranking on a specific keyword, increasing phone call volume, online sales or anything else, Stephen creates a specified program focused specifically on the end goal.  Through this technique Stephen and his team are able to easily report on their efforts allowing each client to not only understand all of our efforts, but also see directly how they are affecting their bottom line.  Below are some of the general SEO techniques that Mr. Ogre uses as part of the foundation for every SEO strategy he creates.

  • Site Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Title and Meta Tags
  • Content Writing
  • Page Consultation
  • Link Building
  • Press Release
  • Distribution
  • Monthly Reporting


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