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case studyIn May of 2012, Hostwall took over the Search Engine Optimization management of a large HVAC company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. During the initial month data was collected and a benchmark report was compiled to analyze the current state of the business online.  Focusing on the business’s goals of driving phone calls for service, Hostwall examined the keywords driving the current website traffic, the techniques used by other firms in the industry, and developed keyword sets unique to both.  

Stephen E. Ogre (our in house SEO expert) found many issues with the current site and was able to put together a unique 6 month strategy to reverse the trending decrease in phone calls (7 of the previous 8 months to be exact)!  Our recommendations were approved by senior management and the implementation of the new strategy began in June.  July 2012 was the first month to see increased call volume and that trend has continued each month since then, resulting in an 18% increase in year over year call volume from July – November. While Hostwall's startups can sometimes experience call volume increased in the 100%+ range, we have been assured an 18% increase in call volume for a mature and well established company made a significant impact on its bottom line.

See the info graphic on the right for further statistics on the success of this location!

Large HVAC company that has been in business since 1971 (or over 40 years). 
Previously used 2 nationally known agencies (1 of the largest agencies in the U.S. and the other in part of the Inc 500).

Benchmark May 2012

  • Year over year call volume down 18% under previous provider and May had been the 7th month with decreased call volume out of the previous 8.
  • Under Hostwall’s Management, July – November saw an increase in year over year call volume of 18%.
  • Since benchmark increased number of targeted keywords in top 10 by 11% and top 5 by 13%
  • Organic traffic to optimized pages increased from driving 67% of overall traffic to 89%.  When removing the home page data, it was 6.5% to 30%.
  • 21% of inbound organic search traffic went to Air Conditioning related pages in 2012 (Jun – Nov), in 2011 only 1%
  • Overall organic traffic increased by over 4,500 visits (45%)
  • Branded traffic remained flat

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"Hostwall has helped us drive traffic and sales to our website. They've been a one-stop-shop for all our web-marketing needs which was necessary since we had no in-house expertise in the field. They are focused on success and very reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any new or established site."

- David Altuna, Co-Founder









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