Case Study - Local Service

case studyIn February of 2012 Hostwall took over management of the Adwords campaign for a Local Service company in Philadelphia, PA from a nationally recognized Pay Per Click management firm.  Starting from scratch we were able to utilize Price P. Clicksworth’s local optimization techniques to drive 60% of the call volume received during the previous six months in just February alone, at just 10% of the cost.  By utilizing very targeted campaign settings as well as long tail keywords, Hostwall has been able to maintain significant growth while decreasing costs. 

When comparing the June – December 2011 management (under our competitor) to the same time period in 2012 (under Hostwall) there has been an increase in traffic of 211% and a decrease in cost of 11%.  This has resulted in an increase in total calls by 428% with a decrease in cost per call of 83%.  The amount of unique calls (those coming from different phone numbers) has increased by 468% and the cost per unique call has decreased by 84%.  One of the major factors behind all of this was our ability to decrease cost per click by 72%.

Increase in impressions by 271%
Decrease in cost per click by 72%

Increase in clicks/traffic by 211%
Decrease in cost by 11%

Increase in call volume by 428%
Decrease in cost per call by 83%

Increase in unique call volume by 468%
Decrease in cost per unique call by 84%


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"Hostwall has helped us drive traffic and sales to our website. They've been a one-stop-shop for all our web-marketing needs which was necessary since we had no in-house expertise in the field. They are focused on success and very reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any new or established site."

- David Altuna, Co-Founder









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