Case Study – Space Finder


Hostwall began working with an aggregator designed to help businesses of all sizes find the perfect office space for their needs in October 2011. Initially Price P. Clicksworth was contacted to take over management of their Adwords campaign that was being run in house. After close examination of the current account, both Stephen E. Ogre (resident “S.E.O.” guru) and The Professor (Hostwall’s consulting expert) were brought in for assistance.



The first major issue uncovered was that online marketing campaigns were running without proper tracking methodologies in place, and perhaps even more importantly, the current website was not set up properly to maximize website conversions. Over the next couple months Hostwall consulted on web page creation both to increase conversion metrics and conduct onsite recommendations with SEO best practices in mind. Over time an updated version of the site was rolled out in late June of 2012, and the results speak for themselves!

Since the launch of the updated site organic traffic has steadily increased month over month – our latest results showing a 64% increase in organic traffic per month when compared to July.

– In December only 9% of all organic search traffic contained a branded phrase. It is important to keep this number low as traffic grows, as new business and revenue is often generated from non-branded searches.

Year over year data also reveals significantly improved statistics. When comparing October 2011 to October 2012 there has been an increase in organic traffic by 303%. Branded terms were also making up as much as 25% of volume at that time.

With tracking properly set up, Hostwall has since launched a paid search campaign and is currently assisting on a variety of projects that include: performance analysis, customized reporting, a business keyword targeting model, competitive analysis and web page creation advising. All of these focused on providing the necessary information to help raise more capital from investors in their most recent round of financing.

  • 30% of all website conversions from Google Organic in December.
  • Paid Search – Average Position remains flat from in house to Hostwall Management, but cost per click decreased 69%
  • First 6 months of new site have seen month over month increases in organic traffic, December up 64% from June.
  • Percent of branded organic traffic down from 25% in October 2011 to 9% in December 2012
  • Organic search traffic up 303% from October 2011 compared to October 2012