There are a number of important metrics that must be looked at in order to determine true progress of a campaign – some of the more common ones we monitor at Hostwall are:

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

This is one of the more generic metrics used in online marketing. A lead can be represented in many ways: an email address, phone number, full form submission, etc. Any end result goal can be considered a lead! Therefore, with the proper tracking in place, the specific cost can be determined on a per lead basis.

Return on Investment (ROI)

When tracking actual online sales it is possible to collect revenue data and tie it back to each source. This allows for not only a cost per acquisition/sale analysis, but you can also determine a financial return based on the money invested into each program.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Similar to a lead, an acquisition is just the collection of vital information that has a value to a business. By figuring out the value and comparing it to the cost, each program can be analyzed and optimized.

Cost Per Call (CPC)

If making a businesses’ phone ring with potential customers is the end goal, then figuring how much each call costs is extremely important. This can be done through a simple process of call tracking that ties costs of specific programs to their unique results.

Cost Per Sale (CPS)

Ecommerce websites have the capability to track online sales back to the original source that drove the shopper. This allows business to analyze how much they are paying to have people come to their website to make a purchase.

Cost Per Qualified Call (CPQC)

This metric is becoming ever more important as businesses begin to utilize and understand tracking more deeply. Knowing that certain information needs to happen for a conversion to occur over the phone and tying that back to an amount of time it takes to collect such data can help determine the difference between a qualified call and just a normal call. Breaking call volume data down to this next level can provide deeper insight into more valuable call volume.Collecting the proper data and observing them as metrics, both stagnant and over a time series, is vital for understanding how to get the most out of your online marketing spend.

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