Display Advertising

Don’t bother searching for D.A. Banner. Oh no! Rest assured, he’ll find you. His short stature allows him to stealthily sneak in through the backend of a website in order to determine the most relevant banner to place. No matter what targeting methods are being used, D.A. will find and place the most appropriate banner based on your specific marketing goals. Mr. Banner can often be found working closely with Price P. Clicksworth, as most banners run on a pay per click model, rather than on a cost per impression model. This little guy is also a known associate of The Mobilizer, who helps with mobile display strategy.

Depending on each client’s complete online strategy D.A. Banner can create a top focused or complementary program to maximize ROI.

The Banner Difference

D.A. Banner believes that his efforts are best looked at as a branding element to any online campaign. While ROI will most certainly be measured, we’re looking for more than just a direct correlation to analyze. D.A. not only examines ROI based on each individual banner placed, but also how each banner impacts all other aspects of an online marketing strategy.

D.A. Banner's Approach

With millions of websites out there allowing the placement of banner ads, choosing the right site to place said ads is difficult, as you want the ads to actually provide some sort of benefit. Through a variety of different methods Hostwall is able to target, test and optimize to maximize your display advertising results. When it comes to designing the banners, you have a few options to consider; Hostwall can take on the task of designing your banners, Hostwall can work with your company’s in-house designer or Hostwall can recommend the best designer in our network based on your specific needs. There are also different targeting methods to choose from, everything from remarketing to keyword content targeting to demographic targeting. Hostwall is not locked into any display networks, which allows us to be completely objective in our recommendations. We will recommend the network we feel would work best, based on your specific marketing and business needs.