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Raised in the wild, Scout has come to rely on those trusty animal instincts of his to dig through the muck in order to find his next meal. While he’s become skilled at finding his next meal, Scout has learned how to put those animal instincts to good use elsewhere. This resourceful little guy has honed his skills to better help others with their online reputation management. Scout determinedly scours the wilds of the internet for any and all mentions of a company or brand name. By tunneling through reviews, blogs, Social Media channels, articles, white papers, press releases and other content rich resources, Scout will locate and pull any mention or reference to your brand. He works closely with the rest of the Hostwall team, alerting them to this chatter and ultimately helps to create a reaction and response strategy. This strategy will help us respond appropriately and in a timely fashion to anything that might impact your reputation, whether it be positively or negatively.
Throughout his life, Scout has relied on his own creativity in his search for food. It is this creativity that makes him your perfect Reputation Management resource. He knows exactly what people are saying and where they are saying it. He then builds a unique strategy around your business, based solely on your needs and means.

The Scout Difference

Scout quickly realized that there are thousands of sites out there where brands are being discussed, critiqued or even just mentioned. Every business is unique and requires a unique plan created around both its automated capabilities as well as the limitations of its employees. Scout is constantly testing the latest Reputation Management products/software and keeping up with trends to make sure each client is getting the best possible service.

Scout's Approach

When it comes to selling a product or service, your online reputation really can make or break you. The negative reviews themselves are not necessarily bad, but how you handle them is key – handling a negative review inappropriately could be detrimental to your business. While cleaning up the negative reviews out there is important, having the ability (or lack thereof) to monitor the web for what isn’t there is more crucial. Negative customer reviews are an unavoidable aspect of any business, but when you utilize the proper techniques in responding to this type of feedback, you’d be surprised at how quickly things can turn around. By addressing negative reviews in an appropriate yet systematic way, you show current as well as potentially new customers that you do in fact value their opinions as much as you value their business. That being said, reviews are not the only thing to be wary of. As a business, you want to know what people think of you, both the good and the bad as well as how they are referring to you and where. Monitoring articles, Social Media sites, press releases and other such sources of content require continuous monitoring. This content can help you identify gaps in your existing marketing strategy as well as zero-in on potential new marketing opportunities based on consumer demand for your products and services. Much like the internet itself, Reputation Management is a constantly evolving entity, making Scout and the rest of the Hostwall team invaluable players in promoting your online business.