Customized Media Solutions

H. Wallary is the oldest and most distinguished member of the Hostwall team. This guy loves to give his two cents, always offering up interesting anecdotes from his many rich life experiences. Wise beyond his years, Mr. Wallary has been known to dole out helpful advice, tips and tricks. While sometimes unsolicited, his advice is always sound. Therefore, it seemed fitting that Hostwall make this guy the head of its consulting division. H. Wallary works closely with the entire Hostwall team, helping clients with whatever issues they might be having, no matter how big or small. Whether you are looking for assistance in setting up tracking, creating and training an internal pay per click team, building and implementing your own SEO plan from scratch or anything in between; H. Wallary will put together the right strategy for your business that is designed and customized around your needs and goals. Oh, and don’t be intimidated by his impressive physique…Wallary does some of his best work while at the gym. Something about working out really gets those creative juices flowing!

Although H. Wallary does manage all consulting jobs, his presence onsite is only available upon request.

The Professor Difference

Although Mr. Wallary brainstorms and comes up with the strategy for our various consulting projects, the actual work is completed by online marketing experts. You can rest assured that whatever online marketing help you require, Hostwall has access to a relevant expert who can help you achieve your goals. H. Wallary offers unique business management knowledge which allows Hostwall to quickly understand each client we work with, thereby creating the right strategy around that client’s business model, needs and goals.

The Professor's Approach

Since our inception, Hostwall has worked as a consultant on projects with a number of clients. It’s our industry experience, coupled with years of combined agency and small business experience which allows Hostwall to better and more quickly assess your needs as a business. Given our expertise in a number of key online marketing areas (Pay per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Online Display, Mobile Search and Display, Reputation Management) Hostwall can confidently provide your business with all of the necessary tools and information you need to achieve your goals. Whether you’re focused onsite or offsite, Hostwall will build a program customized around your specific business. Need a jump start on your online marketing initiatives without a long term commitment? No problem! Hostwall won’t leave you high and dry after the consultancy period has ended; we will make sure you are equipped to succeed. CONTACT Hostwall today and start a discussion about how we can help your business.