The Mobilizer has been sent from the future to help Hostwall stay on top of all the latest trends in online marketing. Considering the tremendous growth that mobile marketing has exhibited over the past few years and its continued upward trend, The Mobilizer’s role here is an important one. On a daily basis, The Mobilizer shares with us valuable insights, helping to ensure that your search and display campaigns are fresh and innovative enough to push through all of the clutter and keep ahead of the curve. A typical work week involves working closely with both D.A. Banner and Price P. Clicksworth, helping them to stretch their online capabilities and ultimately optimizing them for mobile. On weekends The Mobilizer can be found kicking butt and taking names, playing trivia at the local pub where he has yet to get a question wrong!

The Mobilizer does not have legs, travelling instead on 3 wheels. This allows for quick maneuvering, because obviously, everything is faster in the future.

The Roboto Difference

The Mobilizer has played a critical role in the launch and optimization of mobile search and display campaigns for years. His ability to keep track of the ever changing landscape allows for the ability to quickly and easily start new programs as they become available. As a result, Hostwall has been able to take advantage of many new placement types, which helps keep conversion costs low by beating the competition to launch.

The Mobilizers Approach

With the day-to-day use of a mobile devices on the rise, it’s absolutely imperative that your business keep up with the latest trends in mobile technology– particularly if your products and/or services are featured online. Try opening up a website on your smart phone or tablet and you will see just how many websites are not optimized for mobile. The opportunity to expand a business’s mobile online presence is huge, which is why Hostwall often recommends mobile optimization as the first step to marketing your business. While a mobile-optimized website is definitely something to consider, it is not a must-have if you are looking to take advantage of mobile ads. Hostwall works with a variety of trusted businesses to create a customized mobile plan based on your needs, restrictions and end goals. CONTACT Hostwall today to initiate a conversation about your company’s personalized mobile plan.