Pay Per Click (PPC)

Price P. Clicksworth focuses his energy on driving conversions through the use of pay per click advertising on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Working closely with Stephen E. Ogre, P.P. Clicksworth tirelessly combs through loads of keyword data, looking for those phrases that are more likely to generate advertisements. Thanks to that large front tooth of his, Clicksworth has the uncanny (and quite handy) ability to quickly gnaw his way through all of that delicious data generated from thousands of keywords. This allows for a more fluid keyword optimization process, which helps drive the best, most relevant results, all within the allotted budget. He’s a frugal little bugger, so spending to budget is not his top priority. Price is 100% results driven.

Although there are some proprietary secrets to Price P. Clicksworth’s methods, these are all available to every client of Hostwall:

The Price Difference

Clients are provided with logins to all accounts created by Hostwall so you can log in and see all of the details of every campaign. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not hide any details and keep everything transparent. Hostwall will also provide training on any accounts created to make sure whoever is logging in on your end will know exactly what they are doing. Typically Mike will perform such training, but if you are lucky maybe Price will be available.

Price P. Clicksworth's Approach

Whether advertising on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine, Price P. Clicksworth begins the process by making sure all of the tracking capabilities are set up. This is key, since Clicksworth is unable to recommend launching a program if the proper data isn’t available to analyze and optimize. Once tracking is set up, confirmed and shown to be working – the first step is keyword research. Hostwall will build out an account based on the initial keywords focusing on Quality Score. This means that all accounts are compiled with a focus on maintaining a clear relationship between keywords, ads and landing pages . Hostwall is both Google Adwords and Bing Ads certified.

All accounts are built out with your end goal in mind, whether it be to drive inbound calls, online sales, lead generation or any other conversion metric; we focus on your end goal and work our way backwards in order to achieve it! Check out our ROI and Success Stories sections to learn more about our marketing methodology and to see examples of past client successes.